Gracher Exclusive

Almost 20 years’ experience in the business have enabled us to develop an exclusive set of services for our customers that you will find nowhere else in the industry.

With these services, we can help you gain a quick overview of terms and conditions available on the market and help you better protect yourself against risks.


Surety Manager

Our “Surety Manager” calculation tool shows you where you can find the most favorable surety option within your existing credit lines. As a rule, this transparency saves you about 10 percent in premium fees. You can use Surety Manager too!

Gracher Database

Our database contains some 2,500 records, making it the most comprehensive database in the bond business. For each and every data set, there is an insurer’s credit commitment with collateral and premium information. This enables us to manage new contracts and optimize existing contract conditions, for example after the most recent financial statement. Try us out!

Gracher Protect
Gracher Protect

Somebody wants to call in your surety – to your mind, unjustifiably? Then do something about it. With ‘Gracher Protect’ we can help you defend yourself against claims. For a small fee, we will take on your case through to an out-of-court agreement. We can protect you!

Master Cover
Master Cover

Many management board members and managing directors are exposed to liability risks that they aren’t even aware of. Very often, the contracts are wrongly structured – for example, they violate existing bank contracts. Thanks to “Master Cover”, you can quickly compare all insurer and bank contracts and see which clauses have changed and which contradict each other.

Gracher Payment Guarantee

In early 2009, the German Act to Secure Contractor Claims and Improve the Enforcement of Payment Claims (Forderungssicherungsgesetz, FoSiG) came into force to counter worsening payment practices. Gracher’s payment guarantee is a blanket surety that covers all sub-contractors and all contracts.

Aval Management

Avals are complex products – especially if you don’t work with them very often. Our specialist Aval Management Team processes avals for customers on a daily basis. The routine and system mean we can significantly reduce your aval applications cost. We can manage your whole aval portfolio for you – or you can contract us on a temporary basis, with immediate effect. We can save you time, resources and costs!


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