In the energy sector, which attracts very high levels of investment, surety is a prerequisite for awarding contracts. Wind park operators want to guarantee the purchase of electricity, drilling companies need to guarantee that they will fill the borehole once they have finished the project – and some countries want guarantees ensuring that a fixed number of local workers will be employed.  For examples like the above and many more, there are special insurance solutions.

Specialist products for the energy sector, e.g.:

labor guarantees for the fulfillment of drilling licenses

dismantling sureties for oil and gas platforms, solar plants and wind farms

sureties that guarantee performance (solar)

payment guarantees for the purchase of energy facilities

We have already found an array of special guarantee solutions for the energy sector. Even though surety bonds often have maturities, this is rarely a problem – the deciding factor is the term of the economic contract. We can advise you on individual solutions.

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