Further Industries

Whether agriculture and food, tourism companies or sports betting providers: As hugely diverse as the corporate landscape is, the spectrum of sureties available on the market is just as broad. In addition to insurance offerings specific to individual industries, there are sureties for situations common to all industries.

Surety bonds for specific industries:

BLE (Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food) sureties for agricultural enterprises and food manufacturers

IATA sureties for tour operators

sureties for sports betting concessions and licenses

recultivation sureties for open-cast mining

and many more besides …

More specialist surety bonds for different industries:

customs and tax sureties

sureties for semi-retirement scheme funds

sureties to hedge employee shares

legal-action sureties

and many more besides …

After almost 20 years’ experience in the surety bond insurance business, there are (almost) no surety forms that we haven’t yet brokered for our clients. No matter how exotic your industry or your customer’s country, or how eccentric the hedging request of your principal: We will find the best surety for you – so set us the challenge!


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