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Bond Insurance


All industries need industry-specific solutions. We can give you a full picture not just of all the insurance and financing options that apply across all industries, but also of industry-specific guarantees. A large number of our clients come from the construction and technical building equipment industries, from real estate, energy and private equity sectors, and from the machine and plant engineering industry. However, we can also advise you specifically on the right solutions for a wide variety of other industries.

The construction industry has been booming for several years now. However, this by no means implies that bond contracts are no longer relevant. Alongside the insurance premium, the required collateral also needs to be given close examination. Many of the surety contracts in the construction industry leave management boards and managing directors with an increased risk of liability.

Specialist products for the construction industry:

  • warranty bonds
  • performance bonds
  • construction workers’ compensation insurance
  • completion guarantees
  • advance payment bond/surety bond

In nine out of ten construction companies, management boards and managing directors are at an increased risk of liability because the various bond contracts, current account overdraft agreements and aval contracts are not consolidated. We can quickly help you establish whether your contracts are structured correctly and, if not, help you find the right solutions. Consortiums, syndicates, pools/collateral pools and other consortial structures are also not a problem for us. As one of the official brokers for the German BTGA (Federal Association for Technical Building Equipment), we know the particularities of the industry – and can equip you with the right solutions.

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Björn Beenes

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Björn Beenes

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The machine and plant engineering sector, with its global reach, needs flexible guarantees that can also be applied or favorably transferred to subsidiaries in other countries, often in emerging markets. Bond insurers are usually more flexible than banks and can provide cost-neutral avals in all countries in which they themselves are present.

Specialist products for the machine and plant engineering sector:

  • advance payment bonds
  • performance/warranty bonds
  • capital goods insurance

If you are unable to provide surety, then this could stop your customers from being able to place orders. However, negotiating the right wording for surety contracts in non-European countries can, in itself, prove a very difficult task. We have the international experience and, as a member of the international professional network Surety Alliance, are strongly placed to help you manage such challenges.

Wherever you are: We can find you the right surety.

Alfons-Maria Gracher

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Alfons-Maria Gracher

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In the energy sector, which attracts very high levels of investment, surety is a prerequisite for awarding contracts. Wind park operators want to guarantee the purchase of electricity, drilling companies need to guarantee that they will fill the borehole once they have finished the project – and some countries want guarantees ensuring that a fixed number of local workers will be employed.  For examples like the above and many more, there are special insurance solutions.

Specialist products for the energy sector, e.g.:

  • labor guarantees for the fulfillment of drilling licenses
  • dismantling sureties for oil and gas platforms, solar plants and wind farms
  • sureties that guarantee performance (solar)
  • payment guarantees for the purchase of energy facilities

We have already found an array of special guarantee solutions for the energy sector. Even though surety bonds often have maturities, this is rarely a problem – the deciding factor is the term of the economic contract.

We can advise you on individual solutions.

Real estate companies, which use specialized company law structures – usually Special Purpose Vehicles without equity – have the difficult job of meeting the demands of stakeholders, such as city administrations. Here, too, bond insurance can provide the necessary protection.

Specialist products for the real-estate industry:

  • payment guarantees
  • development guarantees, e.g. for schools, kindergartens, or similar obligations
  • Sureties based on estate agent and property developer regulations (MaBV)
  • Rent deposit sureties
  • §650f BGB (German Civil Law) sureties

We are well acquainted with real estate companies and their structures. We count some of the biggest players in the industry among our clients. But we are also happy to find suitable sureties for smaller housing associations and property management companies.

We can give you a no-obligation consultation.

Investment companies that specialize in restructuring, as well as private equity firms, need a high degree of transaction certainty. Sureties and alternative financing forms provide valuable room for manoeuvre and stability, especially when it comes to challenging or time-sensitive deals.

Offerings for investment companies and private equity firms:

  • sureties for purchase-price financing, e.g. for earn-out structures or when payment of the purchase consideration is deferred
  • sureties for special structures (such as the German “doppelnütziger Treuhand” – a dual-function trust)
  • replacement of existing aval lines
  • alternative financing with factoring, etc.
  • advisory service for ongoing acquisition projects

We can organize aval credit approval for you before a transaction is closed. This furnishes you with exceptionally secure conditions, without which some deals wouldn’t even come about.

Ask us for more information: We know your expectations and can manage the process for you professionally.

Successful PE-Deals

Balcke-Dürr GmbH. Carve-out from SPX Corporation, Charlotte/USA, to Mutares SE & Co. KGaA. Mutares is an investment company focused on Automotive & Mobility, Engineering and Technology, Goods & Services. Guarantee volume € 50 million

Donges Steeltec GmbH. Carve out of the globally operating Japanese Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Group, also sold to Mutares SE & Co. KGaA. Guarantee volume € 50 million

European business of the Brazilian BRF S.A. Sale of the European business by asset deal to Tyson Foods, Inc., one of the world’s largest food groups and a world leader in the meat industry. Guarantee volume € 1.5 billion

Alfons-Maria Gracher

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Alfons-Maria Gracher

Managing Director

Whether agriculture and food, tourism companies or sports betting providers: As hugely diverse as the corporate landscape is, the spectrum of sureties available on the market is just as broad. In addition to insurance offerings specific to individual industries, there are sureties for situations common to all industries.

Surety bonds for specific industries:

  • BLE (Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food) sureties for agricultural enterprises and food manufacturers
  • IATA sureties for tour operators
  • sureties for sports betting concessions and licenses
  • recultivation sureties for open-cast mining
  • and many more besides …

More specialist surety bonds for different industries:

  • customs and tax sureties
  • sureties for semi-retirement scheme funds
  • sureties to hedge employee shares
  • legal-action sureties
  • and many more besides …

After almost 20 years’ experience in the surety bond insurance business, there are (almost) no surety forms that we haven’t yet brokered for our clients.

No matter how exotic your industry or your customer’s country, or how eccentric the hedging request of your principal:

We will find the best surety for you – so set us the challenge!