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How do you protect yourself against payment defaults? How do you prevent financing bottlenecks?

The independent financial services provider gracher has the right answers to these questions. As a holistic consultant and solution provider, we ensure that you have the liquidity you need at all times – and available in a cost-optimised manner. Because when it comes to hedging and financing options, the market listens to us. We have made a name for ourselves as a specialist in credit insurance, factoring and corporate financing. And our pioneering work has made us the number one broker for surety insurance.

We now manage a guarantee credit volume of around 18 billion euros and broker an average of around 2 billion euros in new business every year.

Whether providing factoring services or the various tools of corporate financing (such as overdraft facilities, mezzanine capital or private debt funds) – we have a full overview of the market and will develop a customised, 360° solution package that provides you with liquidity and secures your financing. And, as a pioneer of digitalisation, we offer you proprietary software solutions such as Gracher SuretyManager that you won’t find anywhere else.

Credit insurance

In turbulent times, the risks for companies increase – and with them the probability of high payment defaults. You can arm yourself against this. Not only can we find the best trade credit insurance for you, we can also provide you with credit rating information on 45 million companies worldwide – knowledge that protects you.


Outstanding receivables can jeopardise liquidity. Factoring ensures that you receive your money quickly for the products and services you supply – regardless of your own credit rating. For this reason, factoring has become a reliable financing tool for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Even for yours.



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Customer satisfaction

Feedback from our customers is important to us. But it’s not just about customer ratings. In our annual meetings with you, we also want to find out where and how we can support you even better. After all, financing and liquidity are crucial to a company’s success.

Only from gracher

Unique services

It pays to be a gracher customer. We provide you with services and database information that you won’t find anywhere else, including software solutions developed in-house. This gives you a quick overview of conditions and better protection against risks.

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The full picture

Time-consuming, error-prone surety management? Not with gracher SuretyManager, a specially developed solution that is free of charge for gracher customers. With this calculation and management software, you can control all process steps automatically – from application to derecognition.

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