When it matters: Help in case of emergency

You need liquidity in difficult times? When classic corporate financing reaches its limits, alternative financial instruments can help. Which options are particularly interesting for you and help you with bottlenecks – and how you can prevent future crises.

Your advantages

fast help also outside the bank

Financing even with a difficult rating

Solutions that reliably compensate for peaks

Insurance against major earnings risks

Gracher offers you flexible and attractive solutions if the existing financing is not sufficient. Take advantage of our know-how and relevant network to quickly eliminate liquidity bottlenecks. Call us today – we are sure to find help for you.

The customer pays later than agreed? The pre-financing exceeds your liquidity framework? The new development is not sold as quickly as planned? There are many reasons for acute liquidity shortages. But as comprehensible as they may be in detail, a quick solution often seems to be difficult. Then there is no time for protracted negotiations with the banks. Alternative financing and insurance solutions can help you. And they prevent you from ever getting into this emergency situation again. Learn more about attractive solutions in the crisis by clicking on the respective link.


Factoring: Fast liquidity independent of your own rating

Reverse factoring: gain liquidity (and supplier confidence) with longer payment terms

Warehouse financing: Financing without using the current account credit line

Goods financing: extended payment terms for you


Trade credit and capital goods credit insurance: Securing income against defaults

Insure political risks: Not becoming the plaything of political decisions

Rescission of insolvency: Reduce the risk of reversing payments that have been received for a long time

Credit reports: Knowing beforehand where risks threaten and avoiding them

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